14 June 2017

News excerpts - June 14 2065

Excerpts from the morning news on the 'net:

  • New York Post: "Eight people were injured, two of which are in serious but stable condition, after an emergency crash barrier suffered a malfunction yesterday. The barrier, located near the Midtown Pedestrian Zone entrance at 7th Avenue and 39th Street, released without warning, injuring several people. 'An equipment malfunction resulted in the injury of several people, and we are conducting a full investigation,' said NYPD, Inc. spokesperson Tariqua Enqar. 'We're conducting a full audit of the emergency traffic control systems surrounding the Pedestrian Zone to make sure there are no additional failures,' she said..."
  • Bitcoin Buzz: "Share price for local courier service Hustle & Bustle suffered a major drop this morning as the rumor mill is buzzing about the loss of a very lucrative contract with Aztechnology. The contract was purported to account for more than 60% of H&B's annual revenues..."
  • rumormill.nyc.mastodon: "Spitfire Lightning: a little birdie tells me that the azzies are pretty pissed at the nypd and nyc corps after some property of theirs was lost yesterday. no chirping on the nature of the lost property, but i hear aztech is angling for some concessions from the city's corp and using the shitshow in midtown as an excuse..."
  • hiflyers.ny.mastodon: "FlyingHi: I'm hearing reports from some fairly reliable sources that there's some sort of illness spreading through the Straekker Orbital. Anyone have anything concrete on this?"
  • My Body Is A Weapon: "Chepi School, Inc. has apparently suspended operations in the wake of an ongoing investigation that a performance enhancer demonstrated through MMA rising star Steel Hicks was responsible for the deaths of dozens of people."