08 January 2023

Halbardier Re-spin

(reposted from my frotz.prose.sh blog)

Helmbarten is Alex Schroeder's fantasy take on a Classic Traveller-style game, and I liked it so much I wanted to build a sci-fi game out of it. Alex and I did some work on it,  settled on Halbardier as a name, and then I never finished my work on it.

I have started to get back into it and I am working on it when time allows. I've had some different ideas since I last work on it, and this all may change again as I catch up to where I left off. I may stick with what I have in the book so far, but I started wondering what if the game universe looked more like Dune in the far future, where cultures are strange and three guilds or factions govern the interactions of all of the peoples in the galaxy.

It's not complete, and I'm still trying to come up with interesting and novel ideas. With that in mind, presented here is the work I've done so far on the three core careers of this idea and their skill choices. 


Viators are collectors and collators of the vast amount of information spread throughout the human Diaspora. To a Viator, knowledge is as important as breathable air or consumable food.

All Viators get Library-1 as they receive their first implant and the initial database implant. 

  • Exoterics index, collate, and flesh out the hard data the Viators collect across the galaxy.
  • Esoterics focus on "the knowledge within", and have developed some psi talents.
  • Entrists further the Viators' goals by influencing groups of people external to the Viator society.
  • Explorers discover and catalog resources for use by the other three branches of the Viator ideology, or for exploitation by the Spacer or Fighter organizations.
| 1d6 | Exoterica   | Esoterica | Entrism      | Exploration |
| --- | ----------- | --------- | ------------ | ----------- |
| 1   | Computer    | Charm     | Infiltration | Ship Ops    |
| 2   | Library     | Library   | Library      | Library     |
| 3   | Bureaucracy | Illusion  | Sneaking     | Survival    |
| 4   | Language    | Distract  | Spying       | Vehicle     |
| 5   | Society     | People    | Fighting     | Tinker      |
| 6   | Science     | Eyes      | Streetwise   | Fighting    |