25 May 2017

SR3 Session 3 - Security Through Obscurity Is Not Security

May 23 2017

+Beloch Shrike as Minnie Billions, street samurai
+Ronnie Whelan as Nadya Tatyana Mihalovich, russian hacker

New NPC: "King Gin", troll mage leader of the NAoNYC collective.

Rewards: 41,500btc and 20,000btc worth of BTL (wholesale price). 4 karma each.

Other: Blockchain ID for King Gin - can be used to contact King Gin through the 'dark Matrix' mastodons.

We pick up where the shadowrunners left off - parked in the ruins along the Newark Bay in Jersey City. They are following up on a lead that was discovered when looking for a quick way to build funds to acquire more stock in the corporation Bi-Courios, a bicycle courier service that operates in New York City.

The lead is the current location of the leader of the 14K Chung Lee tong, Chin "Curry". The 'runners intended to collect him and turn him over to rival "industrial" leader Tiang Ping, who runs the On Leong tong and is willing and anxious to pay for the opportunity to have his rival in his clutches.

Curry, who has been on the lam after Lone Star and NYPD, Inc. issued an arrest warrant for racketeering, trafficking, manufacture and sale of controlled substances, and a host of other charges, has been paying a local anarchist collective (the NeoAnarchists of New York City) to shuffle him from location to location and is currently occupying one of the NAoNYC's safe houses in this abandoned area of Port Newark.

A tip from a contact directed the 'runners here, and in the relative safety of nighttime they exit the expressway and make their way through the deserted streets. The two 'runners secure the WizardVan and move through the ruins far north and west of the warehouse where Curry is rumored to be holed up, looking for lookouts. Nadya soon spots the glint of reflected city light from plastic or metal. Further investigation discovers a a small tachikoma, reeling in its control tether (and thus not operating autonomously) as it patrols the ruined streets. Skirting the drone tank and proceeding further east, a river camp of squatters is spotted, its firelight a giveaway in the darkness.

The team then proceeds south, avoiding an encounter with a sleepless squatter as he makes his way to the rusted hulk of a car to sleep. A bit further on, in the midst of a massive multi-vehicle collision, they spy two gangsters sporting Kalashnikov-style assault rifles and arguing about the necessity to kill the squatters for operational security.

After the gangsters move off, their argument trailing off into a more philosophical discussion, they eventually gain the rooftop of a building near the warehouse. Waiting for the drone to patrol the street directly below (hoping that if the cameras they spotted are motion sensing they will be drawn to the drone), the 'runners observe the roof and the two floors directly across and above them for light or movement.

A tell-tale whine heralds the return of the drone below. The moment it is directly below, they grapple across to the roof of the warehouse. A quick scout shows no one else is there.

Nadya taps into one of the hardlines running from each of the cameras into the warehouse through the roof-access door. She quickly determines the cameras are cheap Indonesian models, with rudimentary encryption and nothing in the way of local storage. Sniffing the camera's authentication token, she gains access to the computer the gangsters have set up to control the cameras and alarms, and quickly instructs the computer to delete any recorded footage from the cameras 30 seconds after it is saved. She then alters the condition of the door alarms (1 for the roof, and 5 on the ground floor) so they only sound if the doors are opened on Monday.

The two quickly enter and move down through the warehouse, noting that the top three floors appear to be deserted, or at least without any light or movement. They reach the ground floor, and see cheap disposable LED lights stuck at intervals along the walls in the stairwell.

Exiting the stairwell quietly, they immediately encounter three gangsters sleeping in the room adjacent to the stairwell entrance. The 'runners sneak past them, encountering two more guards dozing near one of the entry doors to the warehouse. While Minnie silently positions herself near one of the guards, Nadya draws down on the other guard with her silenced sniper rifle, and on Minnie's signal shoots him. Her six successes stage the damage up from 14-Serious to 14-Deadly (the max), and the guard manages no body saves. He slumps over, dead from a gunshot wound. As the other guard struggles awake, Minnie swings her squad automatic toward him and offers him a simple choice - cooperate or be shot.

The guard hastily informs the team where Curry is located within the warehouse, but attempts to warn them off with dire predictions about the gang's leader, "King Gin". Minnie cuts him off, and offers that now is the perfect time to leave. The ganger agrees, and hauls ass out the front door.

As the party moves down a main hallway toward the cluster of four rooms set aside as Curry's "suite", King Gin is finally awakened by the spirit guardians he set in place. He begins to bellow about intruders from a room behind the 'runners, and initiative is rolled.

With her wired reflexes, Minnie runs into the suites, quickly finds Curry, and exits the suites with Curry in tow before anyone else can even react.

As she begins to drag Curry up the hallway, King Gin finally bursts from a room right off the hallway. Nine feet tall, the troll King Gin drops into a crouch and raises his hands to fire off a spell. Minnie quickly begins to negotiate, suggesting that a fight would be terrible for both the neo-anarchists and for her team, and that she and Nadya had no grudge against the neos. She offers Gin 20,000btc to let her team leave with Curry. King Gin mulls this over for a moment, and after verifying that the neo-anarchists could keep the money, weapons, and supplies Curry had already provided, he agreed, stating that Chin had worn out his welcome. A safe distance was established between the two groups while Nadya obtained Gin's blockchain ID and forwarded him the promised 20,000.  Gin then withdrew to a safe distance, asking the 'runners to keep the neo-anarchists in mind if they ever needed any anti-corp work done, "the bloodier the better."

As Nadya ensured Curry couldn't talk to counter-offer, the team moved out of the warehouse and back through the ruins to the WizardVan. An hour later or so, the 'runners arrive in the Gansevoort district in Manhattan to turn Curry over to a giddy Ping. Ping, very pleased with the rapidity in which the 'runners nabbed Curry and delivered him, offered a boon over and above the agreed-upon payment. Minnie thought about it a moment, and mentioned that they had paid the NAoNYC 20,000 to release Curry. Making sure the two runners only wanted the 20,000 in cash, Ping handed over the payment, and chuckling loudly escorted Curry into his warehouse.

Minnie and Nadya receive 41,500btc and BTL chips worth 20,000btc at wholesale. Both also receive 4 karma each for an excellent execution of their plans, with only one shot fired and one casualty.

These events occurred on or about the early morning of Thursday, May 14, 2065.