12 June 2013


The morning of Monday, 15 October 1066 breaks on East Sussex, offering a bleak preview of the dark days to come.

On a hill some two leagues northwest from the town of Hastings the corpse of Harold, the God and King of England, lies among those of many of his followers. The Conquerer and his worshippers, victorious, bring their infernal language and customs to your land, seeking to consume its riches and remake the land and the people in their own image. Some warrior-priests already whisper of joining The Conquerer's fold to regain the divine power lost when Harold was killed. Others choose to wait until the Archbishops can divine the identity of England's true God and King. As always, sorcerers continue to practice their works in secret, concerned only with the power hidden throughout the land. Warriors align themselves in the direction they think will give them the most glory and power.

What will you do?